Policy 6210 - Principals

Principals are the chief administrators of their assigned schools. The primary responsibility of principals is to assure good instruction is always offered to the students of their schools. The principal shall supervise the operation and management of their assigned school under the direct supervision of the Superintendent. Most of the Principal's time shall be spent in classrooms and working to improve the curriculum and staff development. This will be accomplished through formal and informal activities, establishing clear lines of communication regarding the school rules, assuring a safe environment for students and staff and providing leadership in assuring the principles of democracy are taught to all students.

The principal is responsible for management of the school's staff including the annual evaluation process. They must oversee the maintenance and safety of the facility and the equipment. They must administer the educational program, control the behavior of the students attending the school, manage the school’s budget, and be the liaison between their school and the community.

Principals will be evaluated on their instructional leadership ability, their ability to maintain a positive education/learning environment and for the educational progress of all students in their schools.

Legal Reference:
I.C. § 33-513 Professional Personnel

Policy History
First Reading:    January 27, 2004
Adopted on:    April 27, 2004