Participation in interscholastic athletics is a privilege, not a constitutionally protected right.  The privilege of participation could be revoked for on-campus and off-campus misconduct.  The school district rules and guidelines will be strictly enforced.  Athletic programs are optional, and it is expected that all athletes, both boys and girls, will adhere to certain minimum standards of behavior and scholarship as established by the board, the building administration, and the coach.  Student athletes are not to do anything that would embarrass themselves, their family, or school in the community at any time.  Athletes are, because of the exposure to the public, ambassadors of the school district.  The schools are often looked at by the members of the community and in other communities by the actions of the young people who represent them in the athletic area. This is a weighty, but nonetheless real responsibility that we place on the shoulders of our young people.  As a participant, he or she will represent the school in a respectful manner.

Academic Eligibility:  To be academically eligible for athletics, a student must maintain a 2.0 GPA and pass 75% of classes during the previous grading period.  Students not meeting these grade requirements will not be eligible to participate until the next grading period.  Incoming 6th graders are exempt from this rule for the first grading period.  Student athletes will also be required to have no failing grades during the season.  Grades will be checked weekly and an “unable to participate” list will be created. Students who are on the “unable to participate” list may attend practice but will not be allowed to participate in any competitions or games for the next seven calendar days.  The “unable to participate” list will be published on Friday or Monday.

Physicals: To participate in athletic programs, a student must have a current physical on file signed by a licensed physician. Physicals are good for all middle school years.

Attendance:  Students must attend every class period the day of the activity in order to participate in extracurricular activities on that day.  Doctor appointments are accepted exemptions with no more that one class period being missed.

Activity Cards:  Student athletes are required to purchase an activity card. 

High School Team Managers:  Middle school students who are high school team managers must follow the same rules and guidelines as other middle school athletes.

Travel:  Students must travel to games and contests on the team bus.  If a student wants to leave the sporting event with his/her own parent, the parent will need to personally inform the coach.  If a parent wants his/her student to be released to another person, then the parent will need to come to the school office and sign a release form in front of school personnel prior to the team leaving for the athletic event.