Good behavior in school is a necessary ingredient for maintaining a safe and orderly environment. Our school climate should reflect common sense and agreed upon principles of good character. While parents are the primary educators of character, we do our part as educators to model high character values of respect, responsibility, and safety.

At Kimberly Middle School, we have implemented PBIS, or Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports.  Students are recognized for positive behavior throughout the building, including in classes, the hallway, at lunch, and at assemblies.  Students showing positive behavior are rewarded with CashBucks, which can then be redeemed for various incentives throughout the building. 

The Refocus Plan: Classroom behavior problems will be handled using the refocus plan as follows:

  1. If the teacher observes inappropriate behavior in the classroom, he/she must ask the following questions:

    1. Is the behavior preventing me from teaching?

    2. Is the behavior preventing the student from learning?

    3. Is the behavior preventing other students from learning?

  2. If the teacher can answer “yes” to any one of those questions, “a prompt” or warning is given to the student and a refocus form is placed on the student's desk as a visual reminder.

  3. If the teacher observes any other inappropriate behavior from the student after the warning was given, the student will be asked to “refocus” by filling out a Refocus Form. The form gives the student a chance to think about why his/her behavior was inappropriate and develop a plan to get back on task in the classroom

Other behaviors that violate classroom rules (e.g. chewing gum, coming to class unprepared, etc.) do not fit into the refocus plan since they are not disrupting the learning process in the classroom. Therefore, these types of classroom rule violations will be handled by individual classroom teachers and/or team of teachers.

Refocus Plan Disciplinary Steps: If the student goes two weeks without getting a refocus, he/she has a blank slate. Refocuses will continue to be added until the student can go two weeks without getting a refocus.  On the second refocus within a two-week period, a parent phone call will be made and students will receive a lunch detention.  If a student receives three or more refocuses in a two-week period, administration will contact parents and a plan will be made.

Non-Compliance: If the student feels a refocus is unwarranted, he/she should not refuse to fill out the Behavior Log. Instead, the student should fill out the form as best he/she can and then politely ask the teacher for a scheduled time to discuss the situation.

The following are some examples of behaviors which will result in serious disciplinary actions up to and possibly including expulsion:

  • The possession of weapons

  • Vandalizing, damaging, and/or stealing school or private property

  • Being in possession of or using any illegal substance, tobacco, and related paraphernalia such as pipes, matches, lighters, etc.

  • Fighting and/or bullying

  • Disrespect and/or insubordination to school officials

Lost Privilege: Students who have a behavioral problem resulting in a suspension will lose the privilege of attending the next special event. If the special event is happening during the school day, other academic arrangements will be made for that student at school.

School Resource Officer: The Kimberly School District and the City of Kimberly work together to provide a full-time police officer to be utilized by the district as needed. This police officer is called our school resource officer. While most problem behaviors are dealt with at a building level, the following is a list of issues where our resource officer would likely be involved:

  • Habitual attendance concerns

  • Incorrigible behavior (a refusal to change inappropriate behavior)

  • Threats of violence

  • Fighting

  • Weapons

  • Vandalism

  • Drugs

All issues where a crime is believed to have been committed