Student use of the library is encouraged and promptness and cooperation in return of the materials is essential to the effective use of the books and materials. A 10 cent fine is assessed per day for overdue books. Lost, stolen, or damaged books are the financial responsibility of the student who checks them out. Students are allowed up to three books to be checked out. Students with a fine of $1 or more will only be allowed to check out one book. Students with a fine of $5 or more may not be allowed to check out any books until the fine is paid. Students are also fined for unreturned technology, i.e. student computers/chargers. If a student uses a daily checkout device and does not return it, they will be fined $0.25/day for each item not returned and will not be able to check anything else out until those items are returned.

Students who have lost or destroyed books will not be allowed to check out any library material until they have taken care of their responsibility by paying to replace the destroyed or lost book. Restitution arrangements can be made with the principal if the student can't afford to pay.