At KMS, the dress code revolves around the principle of wearing the appropriate attire for the environment they are in.  While we recognize that certain articles of clothing are accepted in outside situations and environments, we ask that students dress for the educational environment. The standard of dress applies to ALL school-sponsored activities. Students are to observe the following:

  • No obscene or inappropriate messages or artwork on clothing or jewelry

  • Hats

  • No exposed midriffs, or excessively “sagging” pants

  • No display of underwear (this includes bra straps)

  • No tobacco, alcohol, and controlled substance related advertisement

  • No gang-related attire

  • No bandannas or sweatbands

  • No spaghetti string blouses/dresses, tank tops, tube tops, off the shoulder tops, half tops, halter tops, muscle shirts or tops with plunging necklines (no cleavage)

  • No transparent (see-through) clothes

  • No self-altered clothes (cut-off sleeves)

  • No pajamas, slippers, other sleepwear

  • Spike, chains, wallet chains, studs, bolts, dog collars, needles, pins, sharp objects, or other jewelry deemed unsafe is not allowed at school.

For the complete Kimberly Dress Code Policy, see district policy 3224 (www.kimberly.edu).