Policy 9100 - Acquisition, Use, and Disposal of School Property

The School Board acquires uses and disposes of real and personal property according to Idaho Code 33-601.

Acquisition of Property
Real Property – Within one (1) year prior to acquiring or disposing of real property, the District will cause such property to be appraised by an appraiser certified in the State of Idaho. The appraised value will be used to establish the fair market value of the property. The appraisal shall be exempt from disclosure to the public. If the Board is purchasing a site for educational purposes, such building site must be located within the boundaries of the city limits, unless, by resolution of the Board, it is determined that it would be in the best interest of the District to acquire a site outside city limits, but within the boundaries of the District.

Personal Property – The District may contract for the construction, repair or improvement of any real property or the acquisition, purchase of repair on any equipment, or other personal property necessary for the operation of the school district by any means deemed appropriate when the expenditure of funds will be less than fifty thousand dollars ($50,000).

When the construction, repair, improvement or purchase of personal property (with the exception of curricular materials) is reasonably expected to cost fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) or more, the District shall comply with the statutory bidding requirements found in Chapter 28, Title 67 of the Idaho Code.

Conveyance of Property
Less than $500 – For property that has an estimated value of less than five hundred dollars ($500), the property may be disposed of in the most cost-effective and expedient manner by the Superintendent of the District. The Superintendent will report disposal of property under $500 at the subsequent board meeting.

Less than $1,000 – For property that has an estimated value of less than one thousand dollars ($1,000), the Board may dispose of such property by sealed bid or by public auction.  However, prior to disposal of the same, at least one (1) published advertisement is required.

$1000.00 or greater – For property with a value of one thousand dollars or greater, such property will be appraised. The Board may dispose of such property by sealed bids or by public auction to the highest bidder. Notice of the time and method of sale shall be published twice in accordance with I.C. §33-402.  Proof of posting as required in I.C. 33-402 must be acquired before the sale. Such property may be sold for cash or upon such terms and conditions as the Board determines, however, the term of the contract may not exceed ten (10) years and must bear an annual interest rate. Title to property sold on contract shall remain in the District until full payment is received.

Donated Property
If real property is donated to the District, the Board may sell the property without advertising or bidding within one (1) year of the time the initial appraisal was conducted.

Exchange of Property
The Board may exchange real or personal property for other property provided that:

  1. Such property is appraised;
  2. One-half (1/2) plus one (1) of the members of the FULL Board determine such conveyance/exchange is in the best interest of the District;
  3. And a resolution is passed authorizing such exchange of real and/or personal property to any of the following:
    • U.S. Government
    • City
    • County
    • State of Idaho
    • Hospital District
    • School District
    • Public Charter School
    • Idaho Housing and Finance Association
    • Library District
    • Community College District
    • Junior College District
    • Recreation District

Legal Reference:
I.C. §33-402 Notice Requirements
I.C. §33-601 Real and personal Property-Acquisition, use or disposal of same
I.C. §67-2801 et seq. Purchasing by Political Subdivisions –  Legislative Intent

Policy History:
Adopted on: 11/19/2009
Revised on:   12/18/2013; Revised 09/19/18