Policy 9610 - Waste Management and Recycling

The practice of discarding materials used in school facilities is wasteful of natural resources, energy and money. The Board, in an effort to set an example of stewardship of our natural resources and to develop responsible citizenship in our students declares that resource conservation is to be made an integral part of the physical operation of the school system and of the school curriculum. Therefore, it shall be the policy of the District that:

  1. The amount of waste of consumable materials is to be decreased by:
    • Reduction of the consumption of consumable materials wherever possible;
    • Full utilization of all materials prior to disposal; and
    • Minimization of the use of non-bio-degradable products wherever possible.
  2. The School system will cooperate with, and participate in, recycling efforts being made by the local and state governments. As systems for the recovering of waste and recycling are developed, the school system will participate by appropriately separating and allowing recovery of recyclable waste products.
  3. The school system will purchase, where financially viable, recycled products and will also encourage suppliers, both private and public, to make recyclable products and unbleached paper products available for purchase by public schools.

Policy History:
Adopted on: 11/19/2009
Revised on: