Policy 9805 - Memorials on School Grounds

From time to time there may be a desire to honor a deceased student or employee of the District. Any individual or group considering honoring a deceased member of the school community shall place their request in writing and submit their request to the Board. The Board or its designee will contact the family of the deceased to discuss such memorial arrangements. The Board may allow memorials to take place on a case-by-case basis and may not grant authorization to every request.

In considering requests for permanent memorials, the Board will take into account the recommendations of the Superintendent regarding the cost to the District for future maintenance and upkeep of the memorial that might accrue to the District.

In the event the Board approves a memorial to be placed on school grounds, it is strongly recommended that such memorials be in the form of a living memorial, such as a tree. This living memorial may be marked with a modest in size, permanent stone and plaque indicating the name and relevant information of the person to be memorialized. Other types of memorials may be considered for approval by the Board, using the same process indicated above. Any type of memorial, including wording on a plaque, as well as any memorial service on school property must be approved by the Board or its designee.

Placement of any memorial, permanent or temporary, such as a tree or plaque may be removed, transplanted, taken down, or discarded by the District in the event the school is experiencing demolition, modifications, if the tree has died, or for any other reason that the Board determines that the memorial should be removed or moved. Individuals wishing to place a memorial of any kind must realize that the memorial may not be a permanent fixture on school property and the District has no responsibility to move the same.

In Lieu of a physical memorial, the Board suggests that a permanent memorial for the deceased student or staff be limited in form to perpetual awards or scholarships. Contributions to a general scholarship fund established by the District may be made. Memorial scholarships may be accepted and awarded under criteria approved by the District in honor of persons who have special significance to the students, district or community. Items received become the property of the District and will be used for the purpose for which they were donated.

The Board recognizes that memorials of flowers, personal messages and mementos are often created at lockers, parking spaces and other areas on district property upon such losses or events. The display of all remembrances will be temporary in nature, removed in a timely manner and offered to the family.

Requests may be made to the Board to memorialize an individual or event in school yearbooks, at graduation ceremonies and other District activities. Activities will not detract from scheduled classroom or school activities, or the celebration of student accomplishments may, with prior Board or designee approval be authorized.

Policy History:
Adopted on: 11/19/2009
Revised on: