Policy 9705 - Hazard Mitigation – Chemistry Lab Disposal

The District Board of Trustees has a priority to keep the students and staff of the District safe. All students and staff shall practice proper and safe disposal of toxic hazards. Toxic hazards exist in chemicals and other substances used in schools such as in laboratories, science classrooms, kitchens, in the cleaning of school buildings, buses and equipment, and the maintaining of school grounds.

This policy primarily focuses on chemistry lab waste disposal. Teachers should instruct students and ensure that no experiment will be dangerous if safe procedures are followed throughout and to ensure that proper precautions are taken to avoid contaminating the environment.

Chemical Waste
All laboratory work with chemicals eventually produces chemical waste. Staff and students associated with the science laboratory share the responsibility to minimize the amount of waste produced and to dispose of chemical waste in a way that has the least impact on the environment. Depending upon what is contained in the waste, some waste must be professionally incinerated or deposited in designated landfills, while other waste can be neutralized or discharged.

Waste Storage Prior to Disposal
All waste should be stored in properly labeled containers. The labels should contain the date, type of waste and any other pertinent information required by the disposal company. Waste should be segregated to avoid unwanted reactions and to allow for cost-effective disposal. Waste should be stored in closed containers except when additional waste is being added. Each school science department should maintain a central, secure waste storage area.

Disposing of Waste
Teachers should be aware of the appropriate method of disposal for any chemical used in the school laboratory. Teachers should make disposal options a part of all laboratory instructions for students. For chemical waste produced, teachers should instruct students as to the appropriate disposal, including disposing of the substance in a disposal container or down the drain.

Policy History:
Adopted on: First Reading 10/21/2009
Revised on: