Policy 1100 - Organization and Classification

The legal name of this District is Kimberly School District No. 414, Twin Falls County, State of Idaho. The District is classified as: a K-12 school district giving instruction to pupils in grades k (kindergarten) through twelve (12).

In order to achieveits primary goal of providing each child with the necessary skills and attitudes to become effective citizens, the Board shall exercise the full authority granted to it by the laws of the state of Idaho. Its legal powers, duties and responsibilities are derived from the Idaho Constitution and state statutes and rules. Sources such as the school laws of Idaho, and the rules and regulations of the state board of education delineate the legal powers, duties and responsibilities of the Board.

Legal References:
I.C. § 33-302 Classification of school districts.
I.C. § 33-305 Naming and numbering school districts.
I.C. § 33-506 Organization and government of board of trustees.

Policy History:   First Reading 10/29/02
Adopted on:      Second Reading 11/26/02
Revised on: