Policy 1235 - Duties of the Treasurer

The Treasurer shall have such duties as prescribed by the Board. The Treasurer shall be placed under fidelity bond issued by a surety company authorized to do business in the State of Idaho in such amount as determined by the Board or under personal bond equal to twice such determined amount with at least two (2) sureties who each shall qualify as in the case of sureties on the bonds of county officers.

The treasure shall account for the deposit of all moneys of the District in accordance with the provisions of the public depository law (Chapter 1, Title 57, Idaho Code). The Board may elect one (1) or more assistant treasurers who shall have such duties as prescribed by the Board. Assistant treasurers shall act at and under the control, supervision and direction of the Treasurer.

Legal references:
I.C. § 33-506 Organization and government of board of trustees
I.C. § 33-509 Duties of the treasurer
I.C. § 33-509A Assistance treasurers

Policy History: First Reading 10/29/02
Adopted on: Second Reading 11/26/02
Revised on: