Policy 1111 - Candidate Orientation

Candidates for appointment or election to the Board shall be urged to attend public meetings of the Board. All public information about the school system shall be made available to them. Additionally, the Board directs the Superintendent to cooperate impartially with all candidates in providing them with information about school governance, Board operations and school programs.

Notices of candidate's meetings that are sponsored by impartial, non-partisan organizations may be announced in District publications and/or be sent home with students. The following procedures shall be followed:

  1. If a candidate is scheduled to appear or speak as a part of a school-sponsored program, all candidates for that position shall be invited to attend or to send representatives;
  2. The school will not send home partisan materials through the students; and
  3. The Superintendent shall invite all candidates to an information session. Each candidate will be given the same materials and information at these sessions.

Procedure History: First Reading 10/29/02
Adopted on: Second Reading 11/26/02
Revised on: