Policy 1230 - Clerk

The Clerk of the Board shall have such duties as prescribed by the Board and the Superintendent. The Clerk of the Board shall attend all meetings of the Board, unless excused by the Chair, and keep an accurate record of the proceedings, and shall enter in said record all matters required by law, or by the Board, so to be entered. The Clerk shall have custody of the records, books, and documents of the Board. In the absence or inability of the Clerk to attend a Board meeting, the Board will designate a person to serve as temporary Clerk for the meeting. The temporary clerk shall keep the record of the proceedings of the Board and certify the same to the Clerk. Additionally, the Clerk will make the preparations legally required for the notice and conduct of all District elections.

Legal references:
I.C. § 33-506 Organization and government of board of trustees
I.C. § 33-508 Duties of clerk.

Policy History: First Reading 10/29/02
Adopted on: Second Reading 11/26/02
Revised on: