Policy 7820 - Payments for Goods and Services

Bills or invoices for payment of goods or services shall be submitted to the district office, along with supporting purchase orders and other documentation. When the office receives the bills or invoices, the superintendent and/or other appropriate administrative personnel shall review them.

Verified bills will be processed for payment by attaching information related to the budget account.  Appropriate administrative personnel shall review the bills and a recommendation shall be made to the board regarding payment.  In no case shall a bill be recommended for payment if the goods have not been received or the service(s) not completed.

The board shall make a final payment determination.  Checks or warrants or the approved bills will be drawn by the superintendent or their designee.

All bills shall be accepted, certified for payment, and paid within sixty (60) calendar days of receipt of bill, unless a contract specifies another payment arrangement.

Idaho Code Sections 67-2302

Adopted: September 16, 2004