Policy 7710 - Payroll Periods

Kimberly School District shall issue one payroll per month.  Salary payments for certificated personnel and other personnel on written yearly contracts will be prorated on a twelve-month basis.  Employees may draw their summer checks in advance only if they terminate their employment with the district.  If an employee terminates their employment under these circumstances, benefits paid by the district will also terminate.

Payroll checks shall be issued the 22nd of each month.  If the 22nd falls on Saturday or Sunday, payroll checks will be issued the Friday before the 22nd.  The dates the payroll checks shall be calculated on is all days worked before the 10th of the month prior to payday.

Payroll for the classified staff is authorized on the basis of the time sheet submitted to the district office in a timely manner.

Idaho Code Sections 33-506

Adopted:        September 16, 2004