Policy 7336 - Travel Allowances and Expenses

Every District employee and trustee will be reimbursed for travel expenses while traveling outside of the District and engaged in official District business. Reimbursement for food will be allowed when traveling fifty (50) miles or greater one-way. Per Diem will be provided for breakfast when departing prior to 7:00 AM or returning after 8:00 AM; lunch when departing prior to 11:00 AM or returning after 2:00 PM; and dinner when departing prior to 5:00 PM and returning after 7:00 PM. Per Diem reimbursement will not be provided in the event that meals are provided as part of the district business activity. If an employee determines the meal that is provided as part of the district business activity to be unsatisfactory, the employee may claim the per diem reimbursement. All travel expenses must be reported on the established travel expense and voucher forms. For all travel approval must be granted prior to traveling by the employee's supervisor.  If the employee is traveling outside the state of Idaho, approval must be granted prior to the travel by both the supervisor and the superintendent.

Changes in reimbursement amounts for mileage and food shall be approved by the Board of Trustees.

The District business office will be responsible for the development of procedures and forms to be used in connection with travel expense claims and reimbursements.

Legal Reference:
I.C. '33-701 Fiscal year B Payment and accounting of funds

Policy History:
First Reading: April 27, 2004
Adopted on: September 16, 2004
Revised on: February 15, 2017