Policy 7321 - Increase in Fees

Prior to the board of trustees deciding to approve a fee increase that exceeds 105% of the amount of the fee last collected, or decides to impose a new fee, it shall hold a regular or special public meeting on the proposed fee increase or fee imposition.

For the purpose of this policy, a fee shall be defined to include all fees and charges of Kimberly School District for a direct public service, including fees for voluntary activities and extra costs such as extracurricular activities, driver's education, towel or locker use, adult education courses, breakfasts and lunches, parking and similar services or activities.

Public notice shall be given of this board’s intent to make a decision on a proposed fee increase as set forth above by:

  • Advertising in at least one newspaper once each week during the two weeks preceding the week during which the hearing will be held. The advertisement shall state that the board will meet on a certain day, time and place fixed in the advertisement, for the purpose of hearing public comments regarding any proposed fee increase beyond 105%, or imposition of a new fee and an explanation of the reasons for such action; or
  • Holding three public meetings in three different locations in the district; or
  • A single mailing notice to all district residents, provided that the same information is given and provided the meeting is held not less than seven days after the mailing of the notice.

Idaho Code Sections 63-2224; 60-106
Attorney General Opinion No. 94-4

First Reading: March 9, 2004
Adopted: September 16, 2004