Policy 7730 - Issuance of Checks

Two (2) authorized individuals designated by the board shall sign all checks issued on a Kimberly School District Account.

No disbursement shall be approved unless sufficient funds are available in the appropriate account. Payments must be made to a specific person, company or organization. No checks shall be made payable to “cash”.

No disbursement shall be pre-signed. All disbursements shall be documented by original invoices, sales slips, register tapes or credit card receipt with sufficient explanation provided.

Checks may be issued to students or employees to reimburse them for personal funds disbursed for school purposes provided that prior approval was received, and proper supporting documentation is submitted.

Advance payments
Advance payments may be authorized at the discretion of the superintendent.  A written request for an advance stating the amount needed and the purpose of the advance must be submitted. When the activity is complete, the sponsor must submit a report of all expenditures with the appropriate receipts and sales slips.  Any unused funds shall be returned immediately.

Idaho Code Sections 33-506(1)

Adopted: September 16, 2004