Policy 7800 - School Properties Disposal

The Board of Trustees may sell personal property, with an estimated value of less than five hundred ($500.00), may be disposed by a designated employee after the Board of Trustees has been notified.

For property that has an estimated value of less than $1000, the Board of Trustees may dispose of such property by sealed bid or by public auction. However, prior to disposal of the same at least one published advertisement is required.

For property with a value of $1,000 or greater, such property will be appraised, the Board of Trustees may dispose of such property by sealed bids or by public auction to the highest bidder. Notice of the time and method of sale shall be published twice in accordance with I.C. 33-402(g). Proof of posting as required in I.C. 33-402(h) must be acquired before sale.

Real and personal property may be exchanged hereunder for other property if the consideration received by said school district shall be deemed adequate by the Board of Trustees provided, however, that aside from the provisions of this paragraph hereof, any school district may, by vote of one-half (1/2) plus one (1) of the members of the full Board of Trustees, by resolution duly adopted, authorize the transfer or conveyance of any real or personal property owned by such school district to the government of the United States, any city, county, the State of Idaho, any hospital district organized under chapter 13, title 39, Idaho Code, any other school district, any library district, any community college district, or any recreation district, with or without any consideration accruing to the school district, when in the judgment of the Board of Trustees it is for the interest of such school district that said transfer or conveyance be made.”

Policy History
Adopted on: March, 1996
Revised on: September 16, 2004
Revised on: March 18, 2015

** See Section 33-601(3) (4) to update policy