Policy 5125 - Reporting New Employees

The Idaho Legislature has established an automated state directory of new hires to be administered by the Idaho Department of Labor (herein after “department”). The state directory of new hires provides a means for employers to assist in the state’s efforts to prevent fraud in the welfare, worker’s compensation, and unemployment insurance programs. To locate individuals to establish paternity, to locate absent parents who owe child support, and to collect support from those parents by reporting information concerning newly hired and rehired employees directly to a centralized state database. The district will report the hire or rehire of an individual by submitting to the department a copy of the employee’s completed and signed United States internal revenue service form W-4 (employee’s withholding allowance certificate). Before submitting the W-4 form, the district will ensure that the W-4 form contains the following information:

  1. The employee’s name and address, and social security number;
  2. The district’s name, address and federal tax identification number;
  3. The district’s Idaho unemployment insurance account number, which must be designated at the bottom of the form; and
  4. The employee’s date of hire or rehire, which must be designated at the bottom of the form.

This district will report the hiring or rehiring of any individual to the department within twenty calendar days of the date the employee actually commences employment for wages or remuneration. The report will be deemed submitted on the postmarked date or, if faxed or electronically submitted, on the date received by the department. A copy of the report will be retained by the district, and the copy will set forth the date on which the report was mailed, faxed, or electronically transmitted. Should the district choose to file its report electronically, the district will comply with the department’s regulations of such transmissions. Electronically transmitted reports will be filed by two monthly transmissions, if necessary, not less than twelve (12) days apart and not more than sixteen (16) days apart. The district is not liable to the employee for the disclosure or subsequent use of the information by the department or other agencies to which the department transmits the information.

Legal Reference: I.C. § 72-1601 et seq. State Directory of New Hires

Policy History:
First Reading: January 21, 2010
Adopted on: February 23, 2010
Revised on: