Policy 5314 - Substitutes

The Board authorizes the use of substitute employees as necessary to replace certified and non-certified staff who are temporarily absent. The staff member shall enter their leave in the Automated Substitute Calling System as early as possible after they determine they will not be able to work. The Automated Substitute Calling System shall arrange for the substitute (if appropriate) to work for the absent staff member. It is the employee’s responsibility to enter their leave in the Automated Substitute Calling System, and notify their supervisor, if they will need an additional day.  

Under no condition is a staff member to select or arrange for a private substitute.

The State Department of Education shall maintain a statewide list of substitute teachers. To remain on the statewide substitute teacher list, the substitute teacher shall undergo a criminal history check every five (5) years.

Substitutes will report directly to the office of the building to which they are assigned. The Automated Substitute Calling System will notify substitutes of open assignments and provide instructions for the day for accepted assignments. Teachers will prepare lesson plans for the substitute to follow. At the end of the day the substitute will check out at the building office to which they were assigned. Substitutes will also be requested to record feedback in the Automated Substitute Calling System.  

The Board establishes a daily rate of pay for short-term & long-term substitute teachers. A certified substitute in a certified assignment is considered long-term after 10 consecutive days in the same assignment. On day 11 the certified substitute in a long-term certified assignment will change to the rate on the first step of the certified instructional salary schedule. The rate of pay will remain the same for substitutes for any other substitute assignment.  

Cross Reference:
5110 Criminal History / Background Checks

Adopted on: January 27, 2004
Revised on: February 26, 2009, October 16, 2019