Policy 5251 - Resignations

Certified and classified personnel will generally be expected to fulfill the terms of their contract unless (1) there are clearly compelling, mitigating circumstances which prevent the certified or exempt individual from doing so; and (2) until such time as the Board releases the certified individual from the terms of the contract upon the recommendation of the Superintendent. The employee must make their request in writing to the Superintendent stating the reason(s) they wish to be released from their contract.  The Board will not release any certificated employee from their contract until a suitable replacement can be secured.

Classified employees not under contract are expected to give due written notice that will permit the District to conduct a search for a suitable replacement. Generally speaking, the Board expects a two-(2)-week notice.

The Board specifically empowers the Superintendent to accept resignations when tendered,   except where a certificated employee is asking for early release from their contract.

All resignations should be in writing. Where a resignation is made verbally, the district shall send a letter, within three working days, formalizing the acceptance of that employee's resignation. Resignations shall be transmitted to the Board as part of the regular personnel report.

Policy History:
Adopted on: Nov. 21, 2003
Revised on: