Policy 5144 - Job / Contract Sharing

The Board of Education supports the concept of job/contract sharing. This concept allows two professionals to share a job/contract equitably for the benefit of the students in the class or program and the employees who are participating in the program. Among the benefits are; two professionals providing program opportunities for students, an overlap time where small group instructions can be provided regularly with two teachers in the classroom, little or no time spent with a substitute teacher, and formal planning time providing for a cooperative structured instructional plan for each student.

The support of the Board is based on the belief that there are professionals who wish to remain in teaching but have obligations to children, family, a business, or other responsibilities that precludes them for accepting full-time employment. The students of the class will have the benefit of two professionals directing their education for the year. The Board’s support for this program is based on the understanding that in splitting contracts the total cost of the job-share will be no greater than the cost of hiring just one individual to fulfill the contract.

The Board directs the administration to develop regulations for the implementation of this policy.

Policy History:
Adopted on:    Nov. 21, 2003
Revised on: