Policy 5144P - Job / Contract Sharing

Elementary School Procedure
A split contract is a contract that two individuals share equally. Each teacher works two days a week and an “overlap” day per week. The “overlap” day provides for an orderly transition between the two instructors and assures adequate planning time between the teachers. In addition, optimal time is assured for communication between the teachers, parents, and students in that class. An “overlap” day is one day per week when both teachers are in the classroom for a minimum of 75% of that day. In the school calendar where there are weeks that vary from the five-day week, the principal shall receive a written schedule of coverage from each job share.

Teachers who share a contract, accrue sick days, personal days, educational reimbursement, and credit for retirement at 50% of the rate scheduled for a full-time equivalent teacher. One-half the amount of medical insurance benefits shall accrue to both teachers in a shared contract. Additional medical insurance may be purchased at the teacher’s option. Both teachers will work the parent-teacher conferences together and required school/district staff development meetings prior to the beginning of school. Other staff development days will be divided between the partners. If the principal deems their attendance necessary beyond these stated days, they will be compensated at the substitute rate.

Teachers who share a contract will be paid 50% of their placement on the district salary schedule and will receive a written contract for their services. Teachers will move a full step on the salary schedule for each contract they sign. However, a teacher will receive only one-half year’s credit for each split contract year toward renewable status. Thus, if a teacher begins their service to the district under a shared contract, they would require six years of non-renewable service before they attain (tenured) status with the offering and signing of their seventh shared contract.

Because of the increased work load on the principal in the form of increased communication responsibilities, observations, evaluations, and other responsibilities, a limit of four split contracts shall be offered in one building. When a substitute teacher is needed, the teacher needing the substitute shall first contact their partner. If the partner can substitute, the partner shall inform the principal they are covering the class that day. On short term absences (less than 10 days) every attempt will be made by both teachers to exchange days so the substitution can take place at no substitute cost to the district and no loss of sick days to the teacher. If that is not possible, the sub-caller will recruit a substitute from the district approved list of substitutes. Where the absence of one partner will require a long term leave, (medical, pregnancy, child-rearing, or other) the remaining partner will make every attempt to change their personal schedule so that they can maintain the continuity of the program by assuming full-time responsibility of the class. Under those circumstances, the teacher assuming full-time, long-term responsibility (more than 10 days) of the class will be paid at their daily rate of pay for all the days worked. If the partner is unable to assume full responsibility of the class, a qualified regular substitute will be recruited for the half-time responsibility of the classroom.

A job-share teacher will be equally considered for any job opening that develops within the district and will be eligible for the same consideration as a full-time teacher.