Policy 5135 - Certificated Employment and Assignment

Professional Compensation

  1. The basic salaries of teachers are set forth in the District’s Master Agreement.
  2. A new teacher entering the District shall be granted all years of previous experience, and shall be placed in the appropriate preparation column.
  3. A teacher will move down one step on the salary schedule for each year of experience within the District.
  4. A teacher completing 12, 24, 36, etc. credits beyond their bachelor’s or master’s degree may move horizontally on the salary schedule. Prior to any horizontal movement the following procedures must be completed:
    • Fill out an educational Lane Change form and return to the district office prior to September 1st.
    • Send for an official transcript to be sent to the Superintendent’s office to verify the credits responsible for this lane change.
  5. The basic stipends of teachers for any extra-curricular assignments are set forth in the Stipend Schedule negotiated between the district and the teacher’s responsible group.
  6. Those teachers who are assigned an extra-curricular activity which pays a stipend will be issued and addendum to their contract for this activity. This addendum will be separate from the individual teaching contract.
  7. The extra-curricular stipend shall be paid in addition to the teacher’s contracted salary. Both totals will be combined (for accounting purposes only) to allow only one monthly paycheck per employee.

Contract Non-Renewal
Non-Renewal Procedure

Every employee shall be entitled to the following rights if his/her extra-curricular activity contract is not being renewed.

  1. The employee shall be notified by the Superintendent that his/her addendum contract will not be renewed. Such notice shall be given to the employee no later than June 1.
  2. If the extra-curricular activity contract is not being renewed, the teacher may be provided with an informal hearing before the Superintendent, principal(s), and/or athletic director.
  3. If the extra-curricular activity is being dropped by the District, no substitute addendum contracts will be issued.

Individual Contract of Employment

  1. Individual contracts issued shall contain a provision stating that such contracts will conform with the negotiated agreement upon final completion of the yearly negotiations.
  2. Each employee’s assignment, including grade, subject, and/or building shall be listed upon the individual’s employee contract. The employee’s assignment may be changed only after a conference between the employee and the school administration.

Part Time Placement
The Kimberly Board of Directors desires the Superintendent to develop and maintain a recruitment program designed to attract and retain the best possible certificated personnel in the District’s schools.

Teachers employed on a part-time status will be eligible) based upon their percentage of employment) to receive the following:

  1. Nine (9) days of sick leave multiplied by the percentage of contractual employment.
  2. Four days of personal leave (2 of these are subject to certificated sub pay deduction) and 1 Flex day multiplied by the percentage of contractual employment.
  3. Fringe Pool multiplied by the percentage of contractual employment if employment is 50% or greater.
  4. Full year salary multiplied by the percentage of contractual employment.

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Adopted on:    Nov. 21, 2003
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