Policy 5331 - Insurance Benefits for Employees/ Trustees

Newly hired certificated employees will be eligible for insurance benefits offered by the District. Certificated staff who work ½ time on a basis other than temporary are entitled to ½ benefits.

Classified employees who work 1,040 – 1,499 hours or more per year shall be entitled to ½ benefits.  Classified employees who work 1,500 hours or more per year shall be entitled to full benefits. The insurance benefits will be the same for classified, certificated and administrative staff in the district.

Active trustees will be allowed to participate in the District’s group health insurance program provided that any trustee who desires to participate in such program shall pay the monthly premium to the District ten (10) days in advance of the District’s premium payments to the insurance carrier. Should any trustee fail to make premium payments as set forth herein, his/her insurance coverage will be canceled automatically.

Legal Reference:
I.C. § 33-517A School District's Non-certificated employees – Group health insurance
I.C. § 67-5763 Governmental body authorized to make contracts for group insurance for officers and employees

Policy History:
Adopted on:    January 27, 2004
Revised on: August 16, 2007
Revised on: September 15, 2010