Policy 5471 - Intellectual Property Rights

Work created by district staff within the scope of their employment belongs to the district. Such work would include, but not be limited to, lesson plans, tests or quizzes, homework problems and/or such similar related teaching materials. The District recognizes and appreciates the benefits of professional educators sharing resources and expertise and desires collaboration in its educators. Accordingly, notwithstanding any other provision of this policy, the District grants a limited license to its employees to share such district owned employee created educational materials between and among professional educational colleagues, only in the limited circumstance whereby:

  1. neither the employee or the colleague of the employee share or utilize such materials for profit;
  2. neither the employee or the colleague of the employee otherwise sell such materials; or
  3. neither the employee or the colleague of the employee disseminate such materials for general public access.

Student work may only be published if there is written permission from both the parent/guardian and the student. Copying, disseminating, publishing, or performance of copyrighted material is prohibited on any district provided service without permission from the copyright owner,or except as specifically delineated in this policy, except as allowed by Fair Use. Copies of permissions, electronic or otherwise must be provided to the superintendent or their designee. Fair use allows limited republication of copyrighted material. Educational use does not imply fair use. The tests of trans-formative use and limits on the extent of material republished must be observed as well as other district policies.

Policy History:
Adopted: June 20, 2013