Policy 5337 - Workers’ Compensation Benefits

All employees of the District are covered by Workers’ Compensation benefits. In the event of an industrial accident, an employee should:

  1. Attend to first aid and/or medical treatment if emergency prevails; the emergency treatment shall be done at St. Luke’s Magic Valley Regional Medical Center.
  2. Correct, or report as needing correction, the hazardous situation as soon as possible after the emergency is stabilized;
  3. Report the injury or disabling condition (whether actual or possible) to the immediate supervisor within forty-eight (48) hours and call or visit the administrative office after medical treatment if needed to complete the accident and injury report.
  4. Should the employee believe, at a later date of the accident, they need medical care, the first place the employee shall go for medical assistance is St. Luke’s Magic Valley Occupational Health.

The administrator shall notify the immediate supervisor of the report, and shall include the immediate supervisor in completing any and all reporting as required.

An employee who is injured in an industrial accident will have an alcohol/drug test as part of the initial treatment.

An employee who is injured in an industrial accident may be eligible for Workers’ Compensation benefits.

The District will not automatically and simply defer to a report of industrial accident. The
District shall investigate as it deems appropriate to determine (1) whether continuing hazardous conditions exist that need to be eliminated, and (2) whether in fact an accident attributable to the District’s working environment did occur as reported.

The District may require the employee to authorize the employee’s physician to release pertinent medical information to the District or to a physician of the District’s choice, should an actual claim be filed against the Workers’ Compensation Division.

Legal Reference:
I.C. § 72-101, et seq., Workers’ Compensation Act
Idaho Code § 33-1216 (c)

Policy History:
Adopted on: January 27, 2004
Revised on: February 26, 2009