Policy 2132 - Research Studies

The District recognizes the value of participation in educational research. Studies using observation, surveys, and experimentation can aid in the improvement of the instructional program in the school system as well as growth in the profession and growth for individual teachers and researchers.

Simultaneously, the District recognizes that the amount of time available for student learning is limited and must be handled carefully. It is, therefore, important that only those research studies that are of the greatest value to the District should be allowed to be conducted in the Kimberly School District.

All research proposals from outside sources will be submitted in prospective form, with the instruments attached, to the Superintendent at least three (3) weeks prior to the date on which the research study is to be conducted. The prospectus will include the researcher's name, address and phone number, as well as a description of the purpose of the study, the procedures to be used, treatment of the data and distribution of the study. The Superintendent will approve or disapprove all research studies in writing. Approval will be based on educational significance, project design, and disruption to the regular school process. The primary criteria in approving research studies will be the value to the District. A final copy of the study will be provided free of charge to the District. Any results and reports shall not include personally identifiable information (PII) and shall use aggregate data in such a manner that re-identification of individual students is not possible.

No questionnaire, surveys, or enumeration containing questions about a pupil’s or his parent’s personal beliefs, practices in sex, family life, morality and religion will be administered without prior Board approval.

Policy History:
First Reading: 11/26/02
Adopted on: 1/28/03
Revised on: 12/17/2014