Policy 2320 - Field Trips

Field Trips

The Board recognizes that field trips, when used as a device for teaching and learning integral to the curriculum, are an educationally sound and important ingredient in the instructional program of the schools. Such trips can supplement and enrich classroom procedures by providing learning experiences in an environment beyond the classroom. The Board also recognizes that field trips may result in lost learning opportunities in missed classes. Therefore, the Board endorses the use of field trips when the educational objectives achieved by the trip clearly outweigh any lost in-class learning opportunities.

Field trips which take students out of the state must be approved in advance by the Board.

Building principals have the authority to approve all other field trips.

Building principals shall develop procedures for the operation of a field trip. Each field trip must be integrated with the curriculum and coordinated with classroom activities that enhance its usefulness.

Unless other travel arrangements are authorized by the building administration, students will board the bus at the school designated as point of origin for the field trip and will return to the point of origin in the bus.

Students may be released to their parents in a face-to-face situation at the close of the field trip before buses begin the return trip. Such release will require a signed, dated note from the parent. If the parent wants his/her child released to another adult after the field trip, arrangements must be made with building administration prior to the buses leaving for the event. The parent must sign and date a release naming the person with whom the child is to travel.

School Sponsored Overnight Trips
No student shall be denied the opportunity to participate in any school-related trip solely due to matters associated with the student’s gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, or transgender status. Student accommodations will be made clear and determined prior to trip departure. The accommodations will be provided in a manner that respects the student’s desired level of confidentiality. Room assignments will be made available to all parents/guardians and students no later than 72 hours prior to departure. If any parent/guardian or student objects to their room assignment, they shall contact the building principal or designee no later than 24hrs prior to departure, who will change room assignments in a confidential manner and contact the parents/guardians and students that have had their room assignment changed. Every attempt will be made to facilitate a room assignment change for those that do not contact the building level principal or designee prior to 24hrs of departure. 
Students will be required to follow all Kimberly School District policies while on an School Sponsored Overnight Trip including but not limited to: 

•     3224 Student Dress (Including sleepwear)
•    3225 Sexual Harassment/Intimidation of Students
•    3287 Violence Prevention including “Bullying/Harassment Behavior”
•    3310 Student Discipline
•    3311 Drug Free School Zone

No staff member may solicit students during instructional time for any privately arranged field trip or excursion without Board written permission.

Policy History: 
Adopted on: January 28, 2003
Revised on: April 15, 2021; October 20, 2022