Policy 2413 - Secondary Credit Transfer

Secondary Credit Transfer
It is the policy of Kimberly School District to ensure that students taking college level courses off campus receive appropriate high school credit for those courses successfully completed.  The following procedures are in place for credit transfer and may offer an alternate pathway for students to meet Kimberly High School graduation requirements.  

  1. A student wishing to petition for a Request to Substitute a Graduation Requirement should gather sufficient documentation and justification to support a course substitution. 

Documentation may include but is not limited to: 

    • Course Outline of Record or 
    • Course Syllabus or 
    • Catalog Course Description from corresponding year and 
    • Explanation of the substitution. 
  1. The student should complete the Request to Substitute a Graduation Requirement form (2413 F) and submit it to the counselor. Once the form and the appropriate documentation are received, the counselor will route the form and attached documentation to the appropriate Building Academic Team, consisting of the Department Head, District Curriculum Director, and Building Administrator for review. 
  2. The Building Academic Team will review the form and supporting documentation.  
  3. The Building Academic Team will schedule a meeting with the parent and student to discuss the request and obtain any additional information.  They will then approve or deny the request.  The district developed Crosswalk document (2413P) will serve as a reference point for determining credit transfers. 
  4. The completed and signed Request to Substitute a Graduation Requirement Form will serve as written notification of the Building Academic Team’s decision and will be provided to the requesting student and/or parent within 5 school days of the meeting date. 
  5. Upon approval, the Request to Substitute a Graduation Requirement form will serve as record of the alternate pathway to graduation plan for the student. The counselor will review the plan annually.  Any changes or revisions to the plan will go through the process as outlined above.

If a dispute over the Building Academic Team’s decision arises, the student or parent may appeal the decision in writing to the Superintendent within 10 business days of receiving the written notification of the decision.  The superintendent will form a committee composed of representatives from the District Leadership Team.  This committee will address the written appeal and make a determination regarding the dispute within 10 business days of receiving the appeal.  The determination of this committee may be appealed to the board following the dispute process and timeline as outlined above. 

Cross Reference:
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Legal Reference:
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Policy History:
Adopted on: June 19, 2019
Revised on: