Policy 2314 - Learning Materials Review

The school librarian will receive and process requests from school patrons for review of any materials in the collection as to their educational value, provided the request is submitted in an established written form setting forth the specific allegation of lack of educational value in the material taken as a whole. The material in question may then be referred to a committee of educators comprised of the librarian, the principal, appropriate subject specialist from the school, and the curriculum director, for a determination of its educational value.

The disposition of the material may be:

  1. Removal from use;
  2. Continuation of present use;
  3. Restricted use (Books and materials placed on a restricted list may be checked out only by students having written permission from their parents to read or use the material.) Any individual may challenge the selection of materials for the library/media center.

After completion and determination of the reviewing committee, a written recommendation will be given to the Superintendent for his/her decision (approval or denial). The School Board and the party bringing the concern will be informed in writing of the outcome. If requested a party may bring issue to the board for ultimate decision.

If the same material is challenged at a future date, the committee will examine the previous decision in the light of the additional viewpoints. If they believe there are significant differences in the new challenge, the material may again be reviewed; otherwise, the original decision will stand

Citizens objecting to specific materials used in the District are encouraged to submit a complaint in writing and discuss the complaint with the building principal prior to pursuing a formal complaint pursuant to the above Procedure.

Learning materials, for the purposes of this policy, shall be considered to be any material used in classroom instruction, library materials, or any materials to which a teacher might refer a student as part of the course of instruction.

Policy History:
First Reading: 11/26/02
Adopted on 1/28/03
Revised on: