Policy 2415 - Distance Learning

Distance Learning/Correspondence Credits
The Kimberly School District will recognize for academic credit the following distance learning/correspondence course:

  • Correspondence courses from schools designated by the administration.
  • Online courses offered through the Idaho Digital Learning Academy or from a school accredited through an affiliate of Northwestern Accreditation Association.

At the discretion of the principal or designee, distance learning courses may be selected by students who:

  • Need to make up credits in order to graduate on schedule;
  • Are eligible for hospital or home-bound programs;
  • Want to take course(s) not offered at their school;
  • Have scheduling conflicts;
  • Want to accelerate their academic program by taking additional courses to facilitate early graduation;
  • Are excused from being physically present on the campus of their school or record for an extended period of time.

The student and his/her parent or guardian shall pay all registration fees upon enrollment.

  • Courses completed under this policy will be accepted for academic credit at face value. That is, one unit towards graduation will be awarded for each course completed with a passing grade.
  • All decisions regarding course credit shall be made by the principal and shall be final.

Any waiver to the provisions of this policy must be made in writing to the principal and approved by the superintendent. Said decision may be appealed to the Board of Directors.

Policy History:
First Reading: 03/12/2009
Adopted on: 04/16/2009
Revised on: