Policy 2309 - Library Materials

Pursuant to State law, the Board has the duty and responsibility to equip and maintain a suitable library and to exclude there from all books, tracts, papers and catechisms of a sectarian nature. School library and classroom library books are provided primarily for use by District students and staff. Library books may be checked out by either students or staff. Individuals who check out books are responsible for the care and timely return of those materials. The building principal may assess fines for damaged or unreturned books.

District residents or parents/guardians of non-resident students attending the District may be allowed use of library books at the discretion of the building principal. However, such access shall not interfere with regular school use of those books. Use of the library books outside of the District is prohibited except for inter-library loan agreements with other libraries.

The District will not allow books, tracts, papers or catechisms of a sectarian nature in the library. Any individual may challenge the selection of materials for the library/media center. Learning Materials Review Policy (#2314) shall be utilized to determine if the challenged material is properly located in the library.

Cross Reference:
2314 Learning Materials Review

Legal Reference:
I.C. ยง 33-512 Governance of schools

Policy History:
First Reading: 11/26/02
Adopted on: 1/28/03
Revised on: