Policy 3110 - Entrance, Date, Age, and Immunization Record

Entrance, Date, Age, and Immunization Record
No pupil may be enrolled in the kindergarten or first grade whose fifth (5th) or sixth (6th) birthday does not occur on or before the first (1st) day of September of the school year in which the child registers to enter school. Any child of the age of five (5) years who has completed a private or public out-of-state kindergarten for the required 450 hours but has not reached the age and date requirements set forth above, shall be allowed to enter the first grade. 

Initial Enrollment
Immunization records or an appropriate waiver and birth certificate are required for admission to­ all District schools, subject to provisions of McKinney Homeless Assistance Act.

If a birth certificate is not provided upon enrollment of a student for the first time in elementary or secondary school, the District shall notify the person enrolling the student in writing that he or she must provide within 30 days either a certified copy of the student's birth certificate or other reliable proof of the student's identity and birth date, which proof shall be accompanied by an affidavit explaining the inability to produce a copy of the birth certificate. Other reliable proof of the student's identity and birth date may include a passport, visa, or other governmental documentation of the child's identity. If the person enrolling a student fails to provide the information within the requested 30 days, the District shall immediately notify the local law enforcement agency of such failure and again notify the person enrolling the student, in writing, that he or she has an additional ten days to comply. If any documentation or affidavit received pursuant to this section appears inaccurate or suspicious in form or content, the District shall immediately report the same to the local law enforcement agency.
A student transferring schools within the District need not provide proof of identity and birth date if the student's record already contains such verified information.

The goal of the District shall be to place students at levels and in settings that will enhance the probability of student success. Developmental testing, together with other relevant criteria, including, but not limited to, health, maturity, emotional stability, and developmental disabilities, may be considered in the placement of all students. Final disposition of all placement decisions rests with the principal, subject to review by the Superintendent and the Board.

District policies regulating pupil enrollment from other accredited elementary and secondary schools are designed to protect the educational welfare of the child and of other children enrolled in the District.

Elementary Grades (K-8): Any student transferring into the District may be admitted and placed on a probationary basis for a period of two (2) weeks. Should any doubt exist with teacher and/or principal as to grade and level placement of the student, the student shall be subject to an educational assessment to determine appropriate grade and level placement. During the two-(2)-week probationary period, the student will be subject to observation by the teacher and building principal.

Secondary Grades (9-12), Credit Transfer: Requests for transfer of credits from any secondary school shall be subject to a satisfactory examination of the following:

  1. Appropriate certificates of accreditation of schools attended.
  2. Length of course, school day and school year.
  3. Content of applicable courses.
  4. The school facility as it relates to credit earned (i.e., lab areas for appropriate science or vocational instruction).
  5. An appropriate evaluation of student performance leading toward credit issuance and satisfaction of graduation requirements.
  6. Final approval of transfer credits will be determined by the high school principal, subject to review upon approval by the Superintendent.

Legal Reference:
Art. IX, § 9, Idaho Code Compulsory Attendance at School
I.C § 33-201 School age
I.C. § 39-4801 Immunization required
I.C. § 39-4802 Exemptions

Policy History:
Adopted on: April 8, 2003
Revised on: April 15, 2021