Policy 3121P Enrollment and Attendance Records

Average Daily Attendance
A day of attendance is one in which a pupil is physically present for a full day at least four (4) hours for grades 1 through 12 (1-12) and at least two and one-half (2½) hours for kindergarten) under the guidance and direction of a teacher or other authorized school personnel while school is in session or is a homebound student under the instruction of a teacher employed by the District.

Average Daily Attendance (ADA) is the aggregate number of days enrolled students are present divided by the number of days of school in the reporting period. Students who attend school in another state that abuts the student’s resident district, shall be counted for purposes of ADA. Students for whom no Idaho school district is a home district shall not be counted for purposes of ADA. Funding for districts is based on ADA and must be accurate.

Attendance Accounting
Days present and absent for every student are to be recorded in each building for the purpose of informing parents of a student's attendance record.

Legal Reference:
I.C. § 33-1001 Definitions
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IDAPA Day of Attendance (ADA) – Grades One Through Twelve (1-12)
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Procedure History:
Promulgated on: April 8, 2003
Revised on: