Policy 3150-Part-Time Attendance / Dual Enrollment

Part-Time Attendance / Dual Enrollment
For purposes of this policy the term “non-public school student” is any student who is enrolled in a non-public school (including a home school or private school), enrolled in a public charter school or enrolled in a post-secondary institution.

Any non-public school student residing within Kimberly School District boundaries will be allowed to enroll in the District and be entitled to participate in any program (curricular or extracurricular), subject to the same requirements as other students who are enrolled full-time in the District and subject to the requirements set forth below in this Policy.

Non-public school students admitted to the District shall only be on school property during the hours of enrollment or as otherwise indicated by the Superintendent or Principal. The District will not be responsible for the student during non-enrollment hours or times.

The parent/legal guardian of any non-public school student wishing to admit their son/daughter in this District for any academic or non-academic program must register the student and provide the following prior to acceptance of any such student:

  1. Birth certificate;
  2. Evidence of residency within the District;
  3. Immunization records (or an appropriate waiver); and
  4. Student records from the previously attended public school, if any, and any other records providing academic background information.

Extracurricular Activities
The following rules apply for a non-public school student to be eligible to participate in non-academic school activities (i.e., extracurricular activities):

  1. Eligibility standards must be met the same as other regular full-time students;
  2. The non-public school student shall achieve a minimum score on the achievement test(s) required annually by the State Board of Education for purposes of determining eligibility for the following school year. The minimum composite test score of the student must fall within the average range or higher as established by the test service utilized. The minimum score on each assessment is the fifth (5th) stanine for the battery total score;
  3. A non-public school student will be subject to the same requirements as public school students regarding school attendance on the date of an activity. If the non-public school student is not scheduled to attend academic courses in the District on activity days, the non-public school student’s primary education provider shall provide assurance to the District that such student has met the attendance requirements in the non-public school academic setting.

Priority for enrollment, when school programs reach maximum capacities, will be given to students enrolled on a regular full-time basis. If a number of non-public school students request admission into the same class, they will be accepted on a first-come basis. In the event the class enrollment position of a non-public school student is needed for a regular full-time student during the course of the year, the full-time student will have priority for the position beginning with the semester after the need is identified. Students with disabilities residing in the Kimberly School District, who are attending private or home schools will be accepted in accordance with state and federal statutes.

Average Daily Attendance
Students who are dual enrolled (i.e., enrolled on a part-time basis) shall be used in calculating the District’s state fund, but only to the extent of the student’s participation in District programs.

All non-public school students will be eligible for District transportation services utilizing regular service as an enrolled student.

In order to graduate from this District, all non-public school students must meet the grade and other graduation requirements the same as regular full-time students.

Legal Reference:
I.C. § 33-203 Dual enrollment
I.C. § 33-1001, et. Seq. Average Daily Attendance
IDAPA Dual Enrollment

Policy History:
Adopted on: April 8, 2003
Revised on: