Policy 3148-Public Display of Affection

The Kimberly School District Board of Trustees recognizes their obligation to provide a safe and secure learning environment.  The Board recognizes that they have the power and duty to protect the morals, health and safety of all pupils of the Kimberly School District.  These obligations and authority include providing all students an environment free of embarrassment or discomfort because of others displaying unacceptable public displays of affection.

Therefore, all students are expected to refrain from unacceptable public displays of affection whether in school, on school grounds, on busses, or at any district sponsored event, on campus or elsewhere.

Unacceptable public displays of affection include, but are not limited to, any prolonged embracing and/or kissing, inappropriate touching, and touching of a sexual nature. Unacceptable public displays of affection at school are in poor taste, disruptive to the educational environment, and may violate sexual harassment laws. Students who violate this policy may be subject to disciplinary action, counseling and/or parental intervention.

1st Reading: February 21, 2007
2nd Reading: March 15, 2007