Policy 3141F - Open Enrollment Admission Request Form

The Kimberly School District Board of Trustees, in conformance with Idaho Code, sections 33-1402 through 33-1404 hereby adopts written policy guidelines for accepting or rejecting out-of-district students.  https://www.kimberly.edu/policy-3141-out-district-non-resident-students-admission 

SchoolGradeAvailable Seats as of 4/1/24
Kimberly ElementaryK17
Kimberly Elementary16
Kimberly Elementary20
Kimberly Elementary312
Kimberly Elementary44
Kimberly Elementary51
Stricker ElementaryK15
Stricker Elementary10
Stricker Elementary20
Stricker Elementary30
Stricker Elementary48
Stricker Elementary50
Kimberly Middle School60
Kimberly Middle School70
Kimberly Middle School80
Kimberly High School90
Kimberly High School100
Kimberly High School110
Kimberly High School120