Policy 3520 - Student Fees, Fines, and Charges/Return of Property

The District shall charge no fee for any course for which academic credit is awarded.

A student may be charged a reasonable fee for any non-credit course or non-curricular activity such as an extra-curricular activity, student-activity, or membership in a voluntary club or association. The Board or designee may waive the fee in cases of financial hardship.

The Board delegates authority to the Superintendent to establish appropriate fees and procedures governing the collection of fees and to make annual reports to the Board regarding fee schedules. Additional fees may be charged for “enhanced programming and materials” which are voluntary enrichments to the curriculum beyond what is necessary to meet the learning expectations for a particular grade or course (i.e. students may wish to use a superior product or consumable than that provided by the school, in which case they may be asked to pay the additional cost for the upgrade).   

A student shall be responsible for the cost of replacing materials or property lost or damaged due to negligence. If school property in a student’s possession is lost, broken or otherwise damaged, the student may be charged the lesser of the fair market value of the item at the time or the cost of repair.

The District may require, as a condition of graduation, issuance of a diploma or certificate, or issuance of a transcript, that all indebtedness incurred by a student is satisfied, or that all books or other instructional material, uniforms, athletic equipment, advances on loans, or other personal property of the District be returned.

Legal Reference: I.C. 33-603 Payment of Fees or Returning of Property

Policy History:
Adopted on:     April 20, 2016
Revised on: