Policy 3525P Student Immunization

The following administrative rules / regulations have been established by the Kimberly School District in accordance with policy 3525.


  • Each year during the ongoing health screening program the School District must obtain the immunity status no later than 60 calendar days after the child's first day of attendance of all children in preschool and grades K-12.
  • Students who claim exemption for medical, religious, or personal reasons need to do so only once.
  • For children with incomplete immunity, the school must obtain either of the following:
    • A statement of exemption from the regulation.
    • Written verification that further inoculations will be received from a public or private source.
  • The school shall keep a permanent record of the immunization status of each student.
  • The school district nurse will provide building administrators and superintendent with a summarized list of students who are not in compliance after the 60-day deadline.


  1. School Secretary
    • The secretary will distribute Certificate of Immunization Status forms to parents/guardians of all newly enrolled students (grades PK-12).
    • The secretary will deliver the completed immunization forms to the school nurse.
    • The secretary will inform the school nurse of all new students enrolling in the school (grades PK-12).
  2. School Nurse
    • The school nurse will receive and review completed immunization forms and provide follow-up to ensure that finalized forms for each student are on file in the school.
    • The school nurse will determine whether the immunization status of each student is adequate or inadequate, in accordance with the Idaho Code, Section 39-4801 and IDAPA 16.02.15.
    • The school nurse will record needed immunizations on the Certificate of Immunization Status Form.
    • The school nurse will record the names of all students with inadequate immunizations on the School Immunization Report Form (after the 60-day deadline).
    • The school nurse will provide information to parents / guardians of students who have inadequate immunization or incomplete immunization information. If, after two letters /   phone calls, parents have not responded to requests for immunization, the principal will then send a letter or correspond directly with the parents / guardians.
    • A parent may request an exemption from the policy due to medical, religious, or personal reasons using the Certificate of Exemption form. This document must be signed by the parent or a licensed physician. It will then be recorded on the student's health record.
    • The school nurse will classify and summarize student immunization information and provide a copy to building administrators and superintendent of schools.
    • The school nurse will inform parents regarding immunization clinics being offered by the local health department.
    • The school nurse will maintain the following information in each student's cumulative folder: completed immunization forms and the student's health record form.
    • The school nurse will record immunizations on the student health record form.

Adopted on:  April 8, 2003

Revised on:   August 15, 2018