Policy 3135 Resident Students

Resident students of Kimberly School District must reside within in the district boundaries of Kimberly School District and will be afforded all rights and privileges of students associated with resident students. As defined by Idaho Code section 33-1401(2), a student’s residence is the residence of the student’s parent or guardian. On initial enrollment into Kimberly School District a student’s parents or guardians will be required to provide proof of residency within Kimberly School District boundaries. Residency will be periodically verified for all students attending Kimberly School District.

For purposes of this policy a guardian includes any person with whom the student is residing on a full-time basis and said person has a properly executed power of attorney for the care and custody of the student. Guardians will be required to provide Kimberly School District a copy of the executed power of attorney and a signed and notarized Affidavit of Residency in a form acceptable to the Kimberly School District. Guardians will be the person contacted regarding educational matters for students with whom they have an executed power of attorney. In the event a guardian no longer has the properly executed power of attorney for the care and custody of the student, residency will be considered that of the parent.

Legal Reference:
Idaho Code 15-5-104
Idaho Code 33-201
Idaho Code 33-1401(2)

Policy History:
Adopted on: May 18, 2016
Revised on: August 6, 2020