Policy 3221 Student Publications

Student publications produced as part of the school’s curriculum or with the support of student body funds are intended to serve both as vehicles for instruction and student communications. They are operated and substantively financed by the student body and the District.

Material appearing in such publications should reflect all areas of student interest, including topics about which there may be controversy and dissent. Controversial issues may be presented provided they are treated in depth and represent a variety of viewpoints. Such materials may not be libelous, obscene or profane nor may they cause a substantial disruption of the school, invade the privacy rights of others, demean any race, religion, gender, or ethnic group, or advocate the violation of the law. They may not advertise tobacco, liquor, illicit drugs or drug paraphernalia.

The Superintendent shall develop guidelines to implement these standards and shall establish procedures for the prompt review of any materials that appear not to comply with the standards.

Policy History:
Adopted on: April 8, 2003
Revised on: